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Tabernacle – Things to do in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake Tabernacle is home to the world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and organ. Noted for its dome shape and incredible acoustic qualities, it is one of the most remarkable buildings in the world. In a territory isolated from railroad access, the construction of the Tabernacle was an extraordinary feat. When it was dedicated in 1875, it was the largest auditorium in the nation without central support. A system of trusses were used for the roof of the Tabernacle. Henry Grow, a bridge builder, oversaw construction of the unprecedented elliptical trusses that spanned the width of the building. The arches were constructed of timbers pegged together with wooden dowels that were split and wedged at each end. Every president of the Mormon church has spoken from the pulpit in the Tabernacle, with the exception of Joseph Smith.

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