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White Memorial Chapel – Things to do in Salt Lake City

A visit up to Capitol Hill provides spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountains, and should be on your list of fun things to do in Salt Lake City. Pictured above is White Memorial Chapel, reconstructed from a nineteenth-century Mormon church. The Eighteenth Ward Mormon chapel was originally built in 1883, and was the first chapel in the Salt Lake Valley to have a steeple. It was the founding location for the first Junior Sunday School in the Mormon church, as well as the site for the organization of the first Boy Scout troop in Utah. In 1973 it was demolished, and in 1979 a replica with original parts was constructed on its current site at Capitol Hill. Today it is a nondenominational chapel. Join us on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour. Reserve your seats on the Salt Lake City Tours sightseeing bus at

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