Kennecott Utah Copper MINE TOUR




One of Utah’s Greatest Marvels!

ALL NEW FOR 2019: Go INSIDE the world’s largest open-pit mine!

A 75-mile adventure to explore the Kennecott Utah Copper Bingham Canyon Mine, the largest manmade hole on earth and the richest copper mine in history 


 APRIL 1 to OCTOBER 31, 2019

TIME:  9:30 am - Monday thru Saturday

*hotel pickups begin 10-30 minutes prior

LENGTH:  3 hours

PRICE:  $59 Adult  /  $30 child (age 10 and under)

LOCATION:  Free pickup at many downtown SLC hotels

*Free parking available at Hotel RL

Sights of the Utah Copper Mine


  • Kennecott Utah Copper Mine at Bingham Canyon: ascend into the Rocky Mountains to experience the largest open pit mine in the world

  • Tailings Impoundment: Over one billion tons of leftover waste from the copper mining process, piled up high

  • Waste Rock Repositories: Over six billion tons of bright orange-tinted overburden rock surrounding the open pit mine

  • Kennecott Smelter: tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, and the cleanest copper smelter in the world

  • Insider Insights: learn of the wondrous engineering and fascinating history behind this unique open pit copper mine, which is still actively mined today