Salt Lake City's Best Tour Guides

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Ever taken a bad tour with an inexperienced tour guide? Don't let that happen when you visit Salt Lake City! City Sights is the most experienced and established tour company in Salt Lake City. Other tour companies come and go every few years, while we've been entertaining visitors for over 35 years!

Our professional guides truly are the local experts! They include entertaining university professors and school teachers; all are Utah natives and most have over a decade of experience in conducting sightseeing tours in Salt Lake City.  

Guests are constantly writing on TripAdvisor reviews that the tour with us was one of the best they've ever taken in any city.



John has been leading tour groups in Salt Lake City for over 25 years. His encyclopedic knowledge of history has amazed everyone who has taken his tours! Even more than his vast knowledge, John is known for his fun spirit and exceptional ability to entertain, not just inform. We have received countless letters from guests praising their experience with John as the highlight of their trip to Utah. Be sure to catch his main tour, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir + City Tour on Sunday mornings!

Utah Tour Guide John

Salt Lake Tour Guide Glenn


Our guests rave about Glenn's Salt Lake City Tour! He creates the perfect blend of a tour being both informative, entertaining, and personal. You'll never go more than five minutes without a laugh when you're with Glenn. With over 20 years of experience conducting tours and years more as a university educator, Glenn is a truly talented guide. He has many fascinating stories and bits of trivia gleaned from having family members in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the blasting crew at the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. He holds undergraduate and masters degrees from Utah institutions.


He has over a decade of experience in leading sightseeing tours and he always gets stellar reviews! A veritable fount of knowledge, Chris often gets asked by our guests, "How do you remember all that information?!!" Although he is often a guide on any one of our several sightseeing tours, you'll often find him on the Great Salt Lake Tour, Copper Mountain Tour,  and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour. Chris is a Utah native and university graduate. 


A very knowledgeable educator and entertaining public speaker, Zach is easily one of the most personable tour guides in Utah. He is a school teacher by profession, covering Utah history and geography curriculum. Zach has a very outgoing personality and always keeps everyone laughing. He enjoys being a step-on guide for traveling bus groups coming through Utah, and also conducts the Salt Lake City Tour, Mormon Tabernacle Choir TourUtah Copper Mine Tour and Rocky Mountain Park City Tour. He holds undergraduate and masters degrees from Utah institutions.   

Utah tour guide Liam


Liam boasts quite an impressive resume. He holds a PhD in History from Columbia University. He has taught at Columbia University, University of Utah, Utah Valley University, and other schools. Liam speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. He does freelance translation work and spent several years working for the most prestigious subtitling laboratory in Spain, translating over 200 films from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. 


Beginning as a tour guide in his college years and returning to it years later, Michael has over 35 years of experience entertaining visitors on sightseeing tours in Utah. As a child he became very familiar with Temple Square buildings as his father worked for the LDS church in various capacities. Michael holds bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Utah.


For years, Ray worked as an educator teaching Utah history and geography. Ray completed his graduate education at the prestigious Ivy League school, Columbia University. He is fluent in Korean, having served two volunteer missions for the LDS Church in Korea, once as president of the Seoul, Korea Mission. He was the only non-Korean serving in a high leadership position in the LDS Church in Korea at that time. 


When Kent isn't conducting tours as a guide, he is experiencing tours as a tourist...all over the world. His extensive travels and intellectual curiosity have allowed him to amass a wealth of knowledge, incredible in both breadth and depth. He enjoys conducting tours to state and national parks for wildlife viewing, as well as our Utah Copper Mine Tour, Great Salt Lake Tour, and Rocky Mountains & Olympic Venues Park City Tour.

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