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Copper Mine Utah Tour

A 75-mile adventure

Quick Details

Adult Ages 9+
Child Ages 1-8

See Kennecott Copper Mine in Utah

This tour is full of incredible photo opportunities! It’s ideal for nature and science lovers. The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, also known as the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, is the largest and richest copper mine in history, with over 110 years of open-pit mining. It has produced more copper than any other mine in history!

It features a hole so large — almost a mile deep and nearly 3 miles wide — that it’s visible to astronauts in the space shuttle! Cruise high into the Oquirrh Mountains, up to 7,000 feet in elevation, for a spectacular view of the open-pit mine. This site is also home to the world’s largest earth-moving trucks, the size of a two-story house! See the world’s largest waste-rock repositories — 6 billion tons of overburden piled high around the mine.


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