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Cathedral of the Madeleine – Things to do in Salt Lake City

When visiting Salt Lake City, there are some beautiful churches to see after you’ve explored Temple Square downtown. Take at least a few minutes to gaze upon the Cathedral of the Madeleine, it will be one of the more memorable things to do in Salt Lake City for those who appreciate architecture. A Catholic church built in 1909, the Cathedral of the Madeleine displays Romanesque architectural style on the outside and Gothic style on the inside. The cathedral appears essentially the same today as it did in 1909, a wonderful use of Utah sandstone. Click on the photo above to enlarge it and notice the gargoyles perched near the top of the two towers.

Click HERE for a breathtaking panoramic virtual tour of the interior. It was designed by one of the great architects in America at the time, John Theodore Comes, and was inspired by the Spanish Gothic of the Middle Ages. Originally costing $344,000, the Cathedral of the Madeleine underwent a major renovation in the early 1990s that cost nearly $10 million. The building also had a seismic retrofit to bolster it against earthquake damage; Salt Lake City sits atop one of the longest and most active normal faults in the world. The cathedral is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Worship services are held daily at various times and comprehensive public tours of the interior, conducted by their staff, are available typically on Sundays at noon.

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