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Kennecott Copper Smelter on Utah Copper Mine Tour

Tour the sights of the Bingham Canyon Utah Copper Mine and see the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, the smelter smokestack tower. Nearly as tall as the Empire State Building, it is the cleanest smelter in the world. Set amidst a backdrop of beautiful snow capped Rocky Mountains, it is dwarfed in size, yet stands 1,215 feet tall! Starting again in June, join us on the Utah Copper Mine & Mountain Tour daily at 2:30 PM departing from Salt Lake City hotels. Enjoy unbelievable views of the largest manmade hole in history after traveling through the beautiful canyons of the Rocky Mountains. At 9,000 feet in elevation, there is nothing you can’t see! The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine has been one of the favorite tourist attractions in Utah for decades. Reserve your sightseeing tour online at or call (801) 531-1001. We look forward to having you on the tour!

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