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Lion House – Things To Do in Salt Lake City

Brigham Young was known as the Lion of the Lord. Featured on this edition of Things To Do in Salt Lake City …the Lion House …and their “world famous” dinner rolls! Notice that above the window sits the original lion from which the Lion House derives its name. Built in 1856 as an additional home for Brigham Young and his large family, in this house once resided over 70 family members. The home is where Brigham Young passed away in 1877. Near the front door is a bell Brigham would ring every evening to gather his family for meals and a nightly prayer in the front parlor. This parlor is also where many social functions were held and where young men came to court Brigham’s daughters. Brigham Young’s ten oldest daughters were affectionately known as “The Big Ten.”

Over the years, the Lion House served a variety of purposes. A restoration project, completed in 1968, turned it into a reception center that continues to operate today. In the bottom level is a cafeteria-style restaurant serving lunch and dinner (closes at 8:00pm) known as the Lion House Pantry. Be sure to try the “world-famous Lion House rolls” that are free with every entree. These rolls are a local favorite and three-quarters of a million of them are baked each year. Known for its pastries, the Lion House also bakes over 75,000 cookies and 11,000 cakes/pies in a typical year. The menu varies daily and prices range from $5-12 for an entree that includes two side dishes, a roll and a fountain drink. The upper levels of the home are used for reception space, whereas the restaurant on the bottom level is accessible along the side of the home. Note the ten gables visible along the side of the house, each with a bedroom window. The alley used to be a gymnasium where Brigham kept exercise equipment for his daughters. The alley is a favorite picture spot for bridal photography and features hanging flower pots.

The Salt Lake City Tour and the Thursday evening Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour make a visit to the Lion House where you can enjoy a meal in the same dining hall where Brigham ate meals with his family.

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