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Lookout Point on Salt Lake City Tour

Enjoy remarkable views of Salt Lake City, the mountains, and the downtown skyline as you gaze out from Lookout Point. Join a sightseeing bus tour with City Sights for a truly memorable and entertaining sightseeing experience. Not all tour companies are equal! See the sights aboard a premium touring bus with panoramic tour windows and air conditioning that allow you to view everything while remaining cool and comfortable; while our competitors use tight, squished little vans with small, darkened windows that have terrible visibility. Our professional guides are Utah natives and each have over a decade of experience providing guided tours in Salt Lake City; while some of our competitors are not Utah natives and have lived here only a few years. They’ll charge the same price for a grand tour of Salt Lake City, yet their tour is only half as long and includes fewer attractionsWho would you rather take a tour with?

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