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Tabernacle Organ – The Most Famous in the World

Experience the world’s most famous pipe organ in a performance by one of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organists on the Deluxe Salt Lake City Tour

The Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City was built in 1867 as a large auditorium for religious gatherings. Some of the original pipes from 1867 are still found in the Tabernacle organ today, which now contains 11,623 pipes. The largest pipe is over 32 feet tall, while the shortest is just three-quarters of an inch. It is the eleventh largest pipe organ in the world, but arguably the most famous. This unique instrument has performed alongside the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ever since their Music and the Spoken Word broadcast began in 1929 — now the longest continuously running network broadcast in the world. Organ recitals are held daily at noon in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Reserve your spot now by booking online at

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