Copper Mountain Overlook

and Great Salt Lake Tour





This popular combo tour combines the best of both science and nature. Discover the "richest hole on earth" and "America's Dead Sea." Experience both the iconic Utah desert landscape and the majestic Rocky Mountains on this 110-mile adventure of the marvels of manmade engineering and nature. The Bingham Canyon Copper Mine is both the largest manmade hole on earth and the richest copper mine in history. Great Salt Lake is both the saltiest lake and largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere. 



TIME:  2:30 PM, Daily

LENGTH: 4-5 hours

PRICE: $79 adult / $40 child (age 10 and under)

LOCATION: Pickup available from downtown hotels. Choose your hotel pickup during the online checkout process

PARKING: available at Hotel RL by Red Lion - 161 West 600 South


- You will visit a spectacular mountain-top overlook at the top of the mine; operations are viewed from a distance. Public access is not allowed at the bottom of the pit where active mining is happening

- The Copper Mine Mountain Overlook portion of the tour is conducted in 14-passenger minibus; includes travel on narrow, bumpy mountain roads 

Sights of the Copper Mine and Great Salt Lake Tour:


  • Copper Mountain Overlook: ascend to 9,000 feet in elevation for best view of the largest open pit mine in the world, as well as the most spectacular, panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and the cities below. On a clear day, view 80% of Utah’s population from the overlook. View active mining operations from a distance (binoculars recommended) and witness over 500 miles of roads spiraling down the pit
  • Tailings Impoundment: Over one billion tons of leftover waste from the copper mining process, piled up high
  • Waste Rock Repositories: Over six billion tons of bright orange-tinted overburden rock surrounding the open pit mine
  • Kennecott Smelter: tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, and the cleanest copper smelter in the world
  • Scenic desert and mountain forest driving: a breathtaking contrast of two extreme landscapes is truly a memorable visual treat
  • Insider Insights: learn of the wondrous engineering and fascinating history behind this unique open pit copper mine, which is still actively mined today 


  • Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve: several million migratory birds of over 250 species visit Great Salt Lake each year
  • Wildlife: antelope roam the open plains
  • Historic Saltair Beach Resort: hear tales of an historic beach resort built by the Mormon Church to be a family-friendly attraction amidst the rowdy pleasure resorts of the early 1900’s; once known as the “Coney Island of the West,” now in it’s third iteration
  • Great Salt Lake State Park Marina: home of the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, “the world’s saltiest sailors!”
  • Visitor Center: science and history exhibits, gift shop
  • Silver Sands Beach: walk the shores of soft, pearl-like sand, photo opportunities abound
  • Observation Deck: scenic overlook of the Great Salt Lake, its islands, and the surrounding Rocky Mountains make for spectacular photos
  • Catch a live sea monkey! The only creature that can survive in this lake, once sold to children through comic books

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