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Brigham’s Pioneer Farmhouse on Salt Lake City Tour

The Salt Lake City Tour takes you to such historic pioneer sights as the Brigham Young Farmhouse on the beautiful foothills of the mountains above Salt Lake City. Built in 1863 and relocated to its current spot at This is the Place Heritage Park in 1976, the stucco farmhouse was a showplace of Brigham’s for foreign dignitaries and visiting guests. Brigham never lived in this house but he held square dances, musical performances, and dinner parties in the second-story ballroom of the home, which was designed in the tradition of New England inns. The adjacent farm was an agricultural experiment allowing them to test which crops would grow in the unfamiliar desert climate and soil of Utah. They grew alfalfa, sugar beets, mulberry seedlings, raised silkworms, and served as the dairy farm for Brigham’s family.

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