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Salt Lake Tabernacle Organ Recital on Salt Lake City Tour

Hear the world-famous Salt Lake Mormon Tabernacle organ recital on Temple Square during the Salt Lake City Tour. Or enjoy the Tabernacle organ as it complements the voices of the 360 choristers of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the Thursday evening Mormon Tabernacle Choir Rehearsal & City Tour or the Sunday morning Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert & City Tour

Located in the historic Tabernacle building on Salt Lake City’s Temple Square, the organ was built by an English convert to the Mormon church, Joseph Ridges. Though the original casework and some of the original pipes are found in the Tabernacle organ today, it has actually been rebuilt and enlarged multiple times over the last 135 years. Currently the organ has 11,623 pipes organized into 147 tone colors and 206 ranks or rows of pipes! The pipes are made of wood, zinc, lead and tin, with the pipes of the facade original from the 1860s, made of wood staves fashioned from Utah pine trees. The organ pipes are controlled from a console with five 61-note keyboards and a 32-note pedal board. The longest pipe has a speaking length of 32 feet, and the shortest is 3/4 of an inch. The organ requires two full time technicians to maintain this instrument and others on Temple Square.

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