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Great Salt Lake – Things to do in Salt Lake City

Great Salt Lake is known as “America’s Dead Sea”;  it is the saltiest body of water in the western hemisphere. The Great Salt Lake is as much as nine times as salty as the oceans. The lake is so salty that you can’t sink…so be sure to go for a swim! Add a quick trip to the Great Salt Lake to your list of fun things to do in Salt Lake City. Great Salt Lake State Park Marina offers the closes access from downtown Salt Lake City, a 15-20 minute drive via Interstate 80.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest lake west of the Great Lakes, measuring 70 miles in length, yet has a current maximum depth of less than 35 feet. It is a remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville, which covered a third of Utah before the climate changed and 90% of its water evaporated, leaving behind about 4-5 billion tons of salt. There is only one creature that can survive the high salinity of Great Salt Lake today; join us on the daily 2-hour Great Salt Lake Tour to capture this creature yourself! Reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus by visiting

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