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Kennecott Copper Mine – Things to do in Salt Lake City

One of the most memorable things to do in Salt Lake City is to visit the largest man-made hole in history. The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine located in Bingham Canyon is nearly three miles wide and getting close to one mile deep. Pictured above you will see the terraces or roads; there are over 500 miles of road within the copper mine pit, enough to stretch from Salt Lake City to Denver. On a hot summer day, over one million gallons of water is used to suppress dust as the giant haulage trucks travel over them. This enormous hole used to be a mountain nearly 8400 feet in elevation, and after several billion tons of rock were extracted over the span of a century, it is now the largest man-made hole on earth. Join us on the Kennecott Copper Mine Tour to see this unbelievable sight for yourself.

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