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Utah Copper Mine – Things to do in Salt Lake City

What is one of the best things to do in Salt Lake City for tourists? How about a trip see the largest man-made hole in history! A hole so large that astronauts can see it from the space shuttle. A hole so large that it generates its own weather patterns. The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine experienced an incredible landslide in April 2012, and now two years later much progress has been made in the cleanup of that landslide. If you squint while looking at this picture, you’ll see tiny trucks driving on those roads; they are actually the size of a two story house! Notice the crater in the upper center of the picture, this is where 165 million tons of rock fell off the mountain wall and into the pit. The landslide was the largest non-volcanic slide in the known history of North America! Join us on the Utah Copper Mine Tour to see incredible views of the pit and hear entertaining stories and fun facts about the richest copper mine in history.

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