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Great Salt Lake Saltair Beach Resort on Great Salt Lake Tour

Learn of romantic memories and charming stories of the “Coney Island of the West” on the Great Salt Lake Tour. Saltair was once the busiest amusement park in the West! Great Salt Lake is filled with mystery, intriguing stories, and strange science. Your expert tour guides, the most experienced in Salt Lake City, will entertain and inform you on this 2-hour tour to the south shores of Great Salt Lake aboard a comfortable tour bus with panoramic windows, air conditioning, and premium sound systems. City Sights is Salt Lake City’s oldest and best tour company, with over 30 years experience in entertaining visitors to Utah. Reserve your seats on the Great Salt Lake sightseeing tour bus today online at or call (801) 531-1001. Or try combining Great Salt Lake with the largest manmade hole in history, the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine Tour. We look forward…

The Best Photo Spots on Salt Lake City Tour

Join us on Salt Lake City’s oldest and best sightseeing bus tour! Visit the best spots for taking the most stunning photos of Salt Lake City’s top attractions. Featured here is Salt Lake City’s most iconic building, the Salt Lake Mormon Temple at Temple Square. Forty years from start to finish, this pioneer era building is made of Utah granite, quarried 20 miles from Temple Square. Each two ton block of stone would take 3-4 days to reach Temple Square on a wagon. To see the Mormon Temple and many other amazing sights on a 20-mile loop of Salt Lake City, try the Salt Lake City Tour, Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour, or the Salt Lake Trolley Tour. Reserve your seats for sightseeing tours online at or call (801) 531-1001. 

Temple Square Gardens on Salt Lake City Tour

Tour the gardens and fountains of Temple Square on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour with expert guides who will regale you with stories and fun trivia about Temple Square. Let us show you the best spots for photography on Temple Square. Then sit back and relax aboard a comfortable touring bus with panoramic tour windows or a charming historic replica trolley as you tour the city on a 25-mile loop through the historic districts and to the mountain and valley overlook spots for spectacular views.  Reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus or trolley tour by visiting or by calling (801) 531-1001. Other sightseeing trips include Great Salt Lake Tour, Utah Copper Mine Tour, Park City Mountain Tour, and Antelope Island Safari Tour.

Great Salt Lake State Park Marina on Great Salt Lake Tour

The Great Salt Lake Tour visits the shores of the saltiest lake in the western hemisphere. A mysterious salt lake is found in the middle of a vast desert, with a salt content that can be up to nine times as salty as the oceans. Pictured above is the marina at Great Salt Lake State Park, where often calm waters provide beautiful reflections in the water of the boats and nearby mountains and islands. On the lake tour you will be entertained with fascinating science and funny stories of America’s Dead Sea. Join the sightseeing tour bus to Great Salt Lake, departing daily at 2:30 pm from downtown Salt Lake City hotels. Also consider adding a trip to the Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, the largest manmade hole and richest copper mine in history! The Utah Copper Mine & Great Salt Lake Tour also departs…

Historic Mormon Chapel on Salt Lake City Tour

This historic Gothic Revival-style chapel from the 1880’s, the 18th Ward meetinghouse, was one of the original nineteen built soon after the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. A reconstruction of the original which was the first chapel in the valley to be built with a steeple, it is a non-denominational church today known as White Memorial Chapel. The original was the location of the first Junior Sunday School in the Mormon church as well as where the first Boy Scout troop in Utah was organized. Join us on the Salt Lake City Tour, Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour, or Salt Lake Trolley Tour to see this chapel and other beautiful pioneer-era buildings. Reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus or trolley by booking online at or calling (801) 531-1001. 

Joseph Smith Building of Temple Square on Salt Lake City Tour

Travel back in time one hundred years as your enter the lobby of one of the finest hotels west of the Mississippi, the Hotel Utah. Today it is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, but in 1911 it was built as a luxury hotel that every American president stayed in until its conversion from a hotel to a reception hall. Join us on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Thursday evening Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour for a glimpse into this grand palace.  Book your sightseeing bus tour reservations online or call (801) 531-1001. For an even more immersive experience in history, try the Salt Lake Trolley Tour.

Choir Rehearsal on Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour

Hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse on Thursday evenings in the historic Mormon Tabernacle building on Temple Square. The rehearsal prepares them for the Sunday morning broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word, the world’s longest continuously running network broadcast. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour will visit the rehearsal on Thursday evenings and the concert live broadcast on Sunday mornings. If you are in Salt Lake City on either of these days, visiting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be one of the highlights of your vacation to Utah. If you’re planning your vacation now, it is very much worthwhile to arrange to be in Salt Lake City on those days; you won’t regret it!  Reserve your seats on the sightseeing tour bus by visiting Also check out our fun new Trolley Tour of Salt Lake City.

This is the Place Monument on Salt Lake City Tour

Visit the end of the Mormon Trail on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour. This is the Place Monument is a historical site that commemorates the end of a 1,300 mile journey that roughly 70,000 Mormon pioneers made. Named after the famous statement Brigham Young made in 1847 upon arriving at Salt Lake Valley, “It is enough. This is the right place. Drive on.” The towering monument is set against a beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, with spectacular views of the valley ahead of it. The monument tells several other famous stories, including that of the ill-fated Donner Party, who passed right through this area one year before the Mormons arrived.  Reserve your seat on the sightseeing tour bus by visiting or calling (801) 531-1001. We look forward to having you on Salt Lake City’s…

Brigham Young Monument on Salt Lake City Tour

The Brigham Young Monument is a bronzed historical monument with statues of Brigham Young and others, located at Temple Square. Brigham Young was perhaps America’s greatest colonizer, establishing over 350 settlements across the western United States, Canada, and Mexico. He was leader of the Mormon church and Utah’s first governor. The bronzed statues of this Temple Square monument also include an Indian and a fur trapper, both of which preceded the Mormon pioneers settling Salt Lake City. The monument includes a list of the pioneers who arrived first in 1847. The Brigham Young Monument was created by a prominent sculptor, Cyrus Dallin, and first displayed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Reserve your seats on the sightseeing bus tours of the Salt Lake City Tour, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour, or the Trolley Tour of Salt Lake City to see this and other historic sites on…

Old Mormon Trail Visitors Center on Salt Lake City Tour

See the Old Mormon Trail on the Salt Lake City Tour or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & City Tour. Set against a backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, This is the Place Heritage Park commemorates the arrival of Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers to their new home in Salt Lake City. Hear the stories of the largest organized westward migration in American history and see the wagon tracks worn into the mountain from 70,000 Mormon pioneers. For other Mormon pioneer attractions and stories, try our Trolley Tour of Salt Lake City to experience history aboard a fun, charming replica trolley. 

Lookout Point on Salt Lake City Tour

Enjoy remarkable views of Salt Lake City, the mountains, and the downtown skyline as you gaze out from Lookout Point. Join a sightseeing bus tour with City Sights for a truly memorable and entertaining sightseeing experience. Not all tour companies are equal! See the sights aboard a premium touring bus with panoramic tour windows and air conditioning that allow you to view everything while remaining cool and comfortable; while our competitors use tight, squished little vans with small, darkened windows that have terrible visibility. Our professional guides are Utah natives and each have over a decade of experience providing guided tours in Salt Lake City; while some of our competitors are not Utah natives and have lived here only a few years. They’ll charge the same price for a grand tour of Salt Lake City, yet their tour is only half as long and…

Temple Square Plaza on Salt Lake City Tour

Tour the garden plaza adjacent to the Church Office Building, the worldwide headquarters of the Mormon church, for countless photo opportunities of gardens, fountains, reflective ponds, statues, and architecture. Join us on the Salt Lake City Tour or Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour for a walkthrough of this garden plaza where your guide will show you the most beautiful angles used by wedding photographers to capture the beauty of Temple Square.