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Safari on Antelope Island – Things to do in Salt Lake City

One of the fun things to do in Salt Lake City is a half-day safari trip to Antelope Island. Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake and is a 50-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City. It is home to several hundred buffalo (American Bison), as well as hundreds of other animals such as antelope (Pronghorn), mule deer, coyotes, jack rabbits, and a great variety of birds. The island is quite large, at over 42 square miles, so plan on at least 4 hours for your visit, including travel time. Antelope Island includes a visitor’s center, historic ranch, beach access, scenic views of Great Salt Lake and the Rocky Mountains, and hiking trails. Having an experienced nature guide with you can make a big difference in what wildlife you will encounter. Join us on the Antelope Island Wildlife Safari Tour. Reserve your seats online at

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